Best Epilator Discover the Benefits of Epilators Over Waxing

What to Look For When Trying To Choose the Best Epilator

Epilators are incredibly useful devices that can help you to remove hair fast. They are more efficient and provide better results than just shaving. The epilators on the market today are all very different. You should look for a few things when trying to choose the best epilator.

Number of Rotary Tweezers

The very first thing you need to look at is the number of rotary tweezers on the epilator. The rotary tweezers are the small devices on the head that will actually capture and remove the hair on your body or face. Most brands of epilators will clearly state how many are present. Higher numbers are better because it means more hair will be removed with each pass. A good rule is that you want at least 36 or 40 of these rotary tweezers. Some of the best epilator models have 70 or more.

Type of Power Supply

The next consideration should be the type of power supply. This is a matter of personal taste. You can choose from epilators with a cord or models with a battery. The battery could be disposable or rechargeable. If you think that you will need to use the epilator for long periods, then get a corded model since it will always work when plugged in. Battery powered epilators are more mobile although you will have to constantly recharge or replace the battery. The best epilator will have a power supply that suits your specific needs.

Easy Maintenance

A final thing to look for is easy maintenance when trying to choose the best epilator. You want to get a model that can be taken apart quickly. This allows you to clean out everything without having to use tools to reach into the device. You also want a model that is durable and that can get wet. You specifically want an epilator with a washable head to make things as easy as possible after use. 

What is an epilator?
An epilator is an electronic health beauty device that has rotating springs or mechanical tweezers helps to pull hair out by the root.
What is used for?
An epilator is used to remove hair at root level by grasping multiple hair mechanically at the same time and pulling them out simultaneously resulting in a smooth skin that can last for up to 4 weeks. Although epilators and waxing work in similar ways, an epilator does not remove cell from the epithelium as it is usually the case with waxing.
How does it work?
The epilator has a rotating head that has many tiny half discs. As the head rotates in a circular motion, it forces the disk to come to and fro to work like tweezers. As they do so, the grabs the hair and pull it out as they rotate. The whole process usually happen very fast.
What is the best epilator?
Although there are many brands that claim to sell quality epilators, the truth is that some brands are only there to cash in from innocent clients. To get the best epilator, ensure that you conduct your own research so as to find a brand that is well known to produce high quality epilators. Referrals can also help you locate a high qualty epilator.
What is the best brand?
The best epilator brand is one that is able to satisfy your personal needs. If you purchase an epilator that is able to cater for all your personal needs from a reputable brand, then that is the best epilator band for you.
On what body parts can you use an epilator?
An epilator can be used to remove hair on the armpits, around the arms around the bikini area, legs and the toes. However, it is important to note that some areas are very sensitive and some precautionary measures should be taken to avoid damaging your skin